The Bread

Side One | Trance Download Hallucinogen "LSD" (Dragonfly) unknown Tunnel Vision "Reminscence" (Heidi of Switzerland) Genecom "Sunchase" (Planet Rhythm) X Dream "This" Synaethesiacs "Synaesthesia" Hallucinogen mix (Phantasm) Melt "Feel" (Filterless) Art of Trance "Octopus" (Platipus) Additional records used: Vicious Delicious "Hocus Pocus" (Watts), Monty Python Tracklist (Side Two) | House Download Craze "The Party" (Big Bang) unknown Idjut Boys "Promo" (Noid) Blaze "Moon Walk" (Funky People) JohNick "Don't Stop" (Henry Street) Dynamic "Lift Me" (Ovum) 51 Days "Squeeze" (Bold) Chris & Derrick "Am" (Organico) Capital Swing "Jazz Doubt" (Strictly Rhythm) DJ Who "Plup Friction" (Electrik Soul) Anorak Trax "A Child Called Jazz" (Underground Vibe) Additional records used: Timothy Leary "Tune in, turn on, drop out"


  1. Tom E says:

    Really nice mixes here mate! Some of these tunes were absolute faves of mine back in the day. Tbh, I think they still sound fresh as fuck nowadays, and I reckon they'd slay any dancefloor that had an ounce of taste. Peace mate, keep on rockin 🙂

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