This was my first mix to be recorded digitally (to DAT). It was also my first mix longer than 45 minutes. Prior to this I had recorded to cassette and in order to avoid interrupting the flow I recorded each side as a separate set. This is probably the most popular of my trance mixes.


Fata Morgana “Edge of Consciousness” (Pyramid)
Blue Planet Corporation “Over Bloody Flood” (Music Line)
Pablo Gargano “Everyone’s Future” (Eve 12)
Magic Alec “Resonance” Goodfellos Mix (test press)
X Cabs “Adena” (Bellboy)
K-Lab “In The Lab” (Undiscovered)
Pablo Gargano “Illogical” (Eve 14)
Montauk P “Hullucinate” (Blue Room)
MikeroBenics “The Priest” (Global Ambition)
Prologue “Tragic Dream” (Universal Prime Breaks)
N.U.K.E. “Hallucination Generation” Talkbox Mix (Liquid)
Space Frog “X-Ray” Live Mix (Energized)
Vegas Soul “Beyond The Belt” (Bellboy)
Source “The Real Thing” (R&S)
Cyberia “Mr. Chill’s Back – Door 3” (IST)
Art of Trance “Kaleidoscope” LSG Remix (Platipus)
Dawntreader “Dominion” (Hook)
Intensity “Plonk” Tripped Out Mix (Phuture Wax)
LSG “Netherworld – Vinyl Cut” (Superstition)
Barcelona 2000 “Sendero del Sol” (Tide)
Pannalal Ghosh “Raag – Yaman” (Odeon)


  1. big k says:

    who died and made you pope of this mix? i remember when you brought this piping hot DAT over to our flop house in central square to listen. i didn't know civilization had advanced enough to produce such sounds. i'll be in a nursing home listening to this while the nurses put fresh water in my bong, and they can all suck it.

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