Dedicated to the Circle Crew, a Boston dance music collective responsible for throwing a series of intentioned events with a family vibe.


Super Disco Breaks Vol.1 “Erotic Drum” (Paul Raymond)
Brett Johnson “Stucco Homes” (Classic)
Slam “Virtuoso” Rolando remix (Soma)
Recloose “Ain’t Changin” (Planet E)
JT Stewart “Raise Up” (Delsin)
The Timewriter “Back From Exile” (Plastic City)
Stephan Brown “Language” (Transmat)
Ozy “Pull The Strings” (Force Inc.)
Dream Sequence III “Deep N Da Groove” Abe Duque remix (Tresor)
Patrick Turner “Midnight Dancer” (The End)
Earth Player “Ball Base” (E-Bird)
Atlantic Fusion “Sanctuary” (Classic)
Marc Ambrose “Free” (Crayon)
Natural Rhythm “Jammin'” (Doubledown)
Afuken “Deck The House” (Force Inc)
DJ Allstar “Luxus” (Exun)
M3 & Markie Mark “Day Dreaming” (Green Gorilla Lounge)
Tiefschwarz “Acid Soul” (Classic)
New Order “Someone Like You” Funk D’Void remix (London)

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  1. tony fishel says:

    Wow, Shannon I really, really like this one.

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