Head Groove

Side One


Silverlining “Stolen Baggage” (Eukahouse)
Descendence “Eclectic Ballroom” (Beverage)
Masp “Masp” (Plink Plonk)
Blaze “Lovelee Day” 20:20 Vision remix (Playhouse)
Impossible Beings “Greasy Kittens” (The End)
B.F.T.P. “When It Rains It Pours” (Rainy City)
Reel Houze “Feel The Warmth” Unreel Dub (Other)
Tiny Elvis “Return to the Mothership” (Mindfood)
INXS “Everything” Jaxx Love Dub (Mercury)

Side Two


D’Influence “Hypnotize” M.A.W. Rascal Dub (Echo)
Korsakow “Abduction” (BCC)
DBX “1200 Ways There Ain’t” (DS)
Terry Lee Brown, Jr. “That’s Jazz” (Plastic City)
The Beloved “The Sun Rising” Mark’s Deep House Mix (East West)
Roger S. “Spirit Lift You Up” Tribal Mix (One)
Bigfoot Futures LTD vs. Soli “Drums 4” (Eukahouse)
Fortunato & Montresor “Imagine” (Elektrolux)
Pure Science “The Fight Against Oppression” (Pure Science Communications)
Paul van Dyk “Moonlightning” Nightclub mix (MFS)
Atmosfear “Dancing in Outer Space” M.A.W. remix (Disorient)
Peter Funk “Dreams of You” Yost’s Miracle Keys Mix (i!)


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    that's baby-makin' music right there

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