House Nation Foundation

Side One


Bob Marley “Talkin’ Blues” (Tuff Gong)
Dave Angel “Endless Motions” (R&S)
Ed “Chunk” Rodriguez “More Love” (Dansa)
House”E”Delic “The Singing Saw” (Gig)
Beat Foundation “Foundations” (Beats)
4th Measure Men “The Need” Basement Jaxx mix (Multiply White)
DJ Food “Ninja Walk” (Ninja Tune)
Coldcut “People Hold On” (Tommy Boy)
DJ Garth “Twenty Minutes of Disco Glory” (Wicked)
Eddie Sancho “The Spell” (Freeze)
Jason Mouse “Love Rhythms” (Emocean)
Acapella: “This Generation”

Side Two


Herbert “People That Make the Music” (Phono)
Disco Direction “Party Rock” (Dust)
Art of Silence “West 4” (Permanent)
Rumpus “Hypnotize” (Skinny Malinky)
Majestic “Caprock” (Taste)
Basement Jaxx “Fly Life” (Atlantic Jaxx)
DJ Ra-Soul & DJ Buck “Highway One” (Freshly Squeezed)
Blue Boy “It’s Up To You” (Ascension)
Disco-Tex Vol II “Love Is Wonderful” (Disco-Tex)
Free Energy “Happiness” Guidance
Bob Marley “Talkin’ Blues” (Tuff Gong)


  1. graham says:

    Thank you so much for putting this up! I'm from Vancouver BC Canada. My first rave was in summer 1994. Doc Martin, Steve Loria and Dee-Lite were the names headlining the show. The gift from this show was my new love of house music. To this day it is one of my loves and I often use it as a tool for meditation. This mix comes from the wonderful golden age of house music. From Tweekin Records in San Fran all the way to Bassix Records in Vancouver, house is a feeling.

  2. Nick says:

    I like what I hear! I'm in love with Rumpus "Hypnotize" – I've been trying to find it for what seems like forever. Where did you get your copy?!

  3. Nick says:

    Thanks for the tip, Shannon – I was hoping to find a CD or MP3 version as my vinyl days are over…!

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