Jaguar was one of my first full-length, uninterrupted 90 minute CD mix. Before this I had always recorded two 45 minute sets for each side of a cassette. Redlight House was my first CD, but it was recorded as two 45 minute sets as I had planned to release it on cassette. Head Groove was the exception, I recorded that as one continuous mix which spanned two sides of a cassette so there was an interruption for the flip.


Night On Earth “Barehanded” (BNW)
Gigi Galaxy “Interview With An Alien” (Teknotika)
Phaser “Driven” (Disclosure)
Smith & Selway “Metropolitan EP” (In-Tec)
User “05” (User)
Jark Prongo “Movin Thru Your System” Dave Clarke mix (Hooj Choons)
Sonic Solution “Bagdad” (R&S)
Cosmic Dancer “Cosmic Dancer” (Fragrant)
LSG “Into Deep” (Superstition)
Kramer & Al-Hassoni “Manslaughter” (Intense)
Mario J “Gateway” (Method 11:11)
Thomas Dolby “One Of Our Submarines” (EMI)
Hermes “Capacity Unknown” (Tronic)
The Phunk Room “The Rhythm” (United Sounds of Amsterdam)
Deetron “Upshot” (Primate)
Kava “Turning Point” (Advance)
D.Ranger “If You Feel” (Lunar Tunes)
Scan Carriers “Up Thing” (Bellboy)
ADNY & Moonflower “Falling” (Strive)
Stanny Franssen “Martian Meteorite” (Zenit)
Q Men “Elevate EP” (Conform)
G Pal “Sometimes I Have Tried” (Low Pressings)
DKMA “Why U Wanna?” (Ritual)
Laid “Colours” (Primary)
Grain “untitled” (Fat Cat)
DJ Rolando “Knights of the Jaguar” (Underground Resistance)
Souls Of Mischief “93 ‘Til Infinity” LP Instrumental (Jive)

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