Jerk Yer Body

A birthday mix for David “Jerkyspacebodyoptics” Jury

Side One | House


Craze “The Party” (Big Bang)
Circulation “Sincerely” (Balance)
Love From San Francisco “Keep Rockin'” (Nite Beat)
The Henry Street Unreleased Project “Hope and Pray” (Freeze)
Basement Jaxx “Paradise” (Atlantic Jaxx)
The Fibre Foundation “Free Your Mind” (Big Big Trax)
Dirty Harry “Luv Anthem” (Henry Street)
Vital Signs “Love Wonder” (Large)
Sun Children “Eternal” (Bomb)
Backintyme “Prizmatic” (Dig It Deep)

Side Two | Deep Trance


unknown “Human In Paradise” (unknown)
Clanger “Clanger” (Seismic)
BT “Nocturnal Transmission” (Music Now)
Datura “Yerba Del Diablo” (Trance)
Hui Chol “Be Nice” (Uptown)
unknown “Circular Key” (CPU)
Mystic Force “Mystic Force” (MFS)
Crowbar “The Talkin’ Windmill” (Infinite Mass)
4th Wave “Sadness of Dreams” (Infinite Mass)

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