Love Dancing

Known by many as simply, “The 60 Minute House Tape.” For Molly and Rena.

Side One


Marcus Turcotte & Nick Holder “Ambiessence” (DNH)
Loni Clark “Love’s Got Me” (Nervous)
The African Dream “You’re In My Soul” (Eight Ball)
Kerri (Kaoz) Chandler “Track 1” (Shelter)
Underground Solution “Love Dancing” (Strictly Rhythm)
Shades of Rhythm “Sweet Revival” (ZTT)
Fila Brazillia “A Zed and Two L’s” (Pork)

Side Two


Chris Shivers “Care” (Intangible)
Mood II Swing “Chicago Blues” (Nite Grooves)
The Groove Corperation Meet Original Rockers “Stoned” (The Cake Label)
Nagual/The Unknown “Feel the Music” (Prescription)
Deep Forest “Deep Forest” (Sony)
African Dreams “All In The Same Family” (Slip ‘N’ Slide)
Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space “High Up” (Murk)


  1. Rena says:

    Aww. Just came to look for this and found there was a dedication on it. Love you Snacks!

  2. Rena says:

    Still helping me to get work done in 2020. <3

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