Redlight House

Redlight House was my first mix released on CD. I recorded two separate 45 minute sets to DAT, expectating to release it on cassette as I had always done before. But instead I released it as a two CD box set.

Side One


Sam Onervas “Kinky Disco” (Sounds)
The Chicago Connection “Dancin'” Mark Grant remix (Casual)
Plastic Avengers “You’re So Good” (NRK)
George Thomson “Quack” (Stickman)
Mevrouw Spoelstra “Bullets” (Raw Elements)
Marc Green “Poison” (Overdrive)
Sex-o-sonique “Get Loose” (Electrik Funk)
The Idjut Boys “Promo” (Noid)
Tony Rodriguez “Rain Forest” (Bronze Mocha)
Les Chocs Electriques “L’Homme Bongo” (Invincis)
Biological “Digital Fingerprint” (EC)
Simple Minds “Theme From Great Cities” Fila Brazilia remix (Dance Factory)
Cari Lekebusch “My Downrock Track” (Hybrid)

Side Two


Dahlback & Krome “The Real Jazz” (DK)
Joel Mull “Infected” (Inside)
JT Donaldson “Sitting In The Sun” (Distant)
Marc Ambrose & Alex Pukart “Bellringers Vol. 1: Sunrising” (Force Inc.)
Wulf N’ Bear “Body Music Revisited” (20:20 Vision)
Elektric Suedehead “Micklefielld Skyline” Justin Drake’s Egham Bypass remix (Mighty Atom)
Bronx Dogs “Tribute To Jazzy Jay” (Kontraband)
Raggabil “The Way” (G-Force)
Stardust “Music Sounds Better With You” (Roule)
Jeep Grrlz “Trophy Dub” (El Chocolate)
Saints & Sinners “Late Summernight” (Sounds Good)
Aril Brikha “Groove La Chord” (Transmat)

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