The Blues

Side One | Deep Trance


Immersion “Fat” (Swim)
Mental Overdrive “Introducing the Idea of Love” (R&S)
Lucky People Center “To the Space” (Beverage)
Speedy J “Ping Pong Live” (Harthouse)
May/Jones “Strings Ain’t What They Used To Be” (Astro Farm)
Cygnus X “Positron” (Eye Q)
Lhasa “Soul Searcher” (Ohm)
Virus “Sun” (Perfecto)
Blue Amazon “The Blessing” (Jackpot)

Side Two | House


Real Life “Shark Dance” (NTone)
Idjut Boys & Laj “No Name” (U Star)
Reflexion “Never Stop” (Suburban)
JohNick “Play the World” (Henry Street Music)
Ian Pooley “Don’t You Be Afraid” (Force Inc.)
Hot Lizard “The Theme” (Pacific)
Johnny Fiasco “Mello-D” (Eighty Three West)
Eric Kupper “Planet K” (Tribal)
Daphne “When You Love Someone” (Maxi)

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