The Bread

Side One | Trance


Hallucinogen “LSD” (Dragonfly)
Tunnel Vision “Reminscence” (Heidi of Switzerland)
Genecom “Sunchase” (Planet Rhythm)
X Dream “This”
Synaethesiacs “Synaesthesia” Hallucinogen mix (Phantasm)
Melt “Feel” (Filterless)
Art of Trance “Octopus” (Platipus)
Additional records used: Vicious Delicious “Hocus Pocus” (Watts), Monty Python

Tracklist (Side Two) | House


Craze “The Party” (Big Bang)
Idjut Boys “Promo” (Noid)
Blaze “Moon Walk” (Funky People)
JohNick “Don’t Stop” (Henry Street)
Dynamic “Lift Me” (Ovum)
51 Days “Squeeze” (Bold)
Chris & Derrick “Am” (Organico)
Capital Swing “Jazz Doubt” (Strictly Rhythm)
DJ Who “Plup Friction” (Electrik Soul)
Anorak Trax “A Child Called Jazz” (Underground Vibe)
Additional records used: Timothy Leary “Tune in, turn on, drop out”


  1. Tom E says:

    Really nice mixes here mate! Some of these tunes were absolute faves of mine back in the day. Tbh, I think they still sound fresh as fuck nowadays, and I reckon they'd slay any dancefloor that had an ounce of taste. Peace mate, keep on rockin 🙂

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