Mad Mike “Transition” (Underground Resistance)
Oliver Ho “Natural Selection” (Meta)
G Flame “Da Wallz” (Moody)
Random Noise Generation “The Unknown” (430 West)
Joel Mull “Theta Activity” (Inside)
Soul Preacher “Outcome” (Serie)
Abe Duque “Spazmo” (Rapture)
Highrise “Hope For Peace” Remix (Kanzleramt)
Abi Lonnberg “Bah Marabu” (Riotplan)
Quartz “Plastic” (Ascend)
Cio “First Step” Rino Cerrone Remix (Isoghi)
Paolo Kighine “Nasdaq” (Minimalistik)
Samuel L “Merengue” Slam Remix (Samuel Session)
Jeff Mills “Ticket To Thrillville” (Purpose Maker)
DJ ESP Woody Mcbride “Off The Ceiling” (Communique)
Fanon Flowers vs. Cosmic Spore “untitled” (Kombustion)
Casey Hogan “Synthetic” (Macintosh)
Gary Martin “People Pimping In High Places” Gigi Galaxy Remix (Teknotika)
Slynus “IV” (unknown)
Jesper Dahlback “JD’s Powertools Vol. II” (Blank Ltd.)

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