Vicious Cycle

Side One


Trailermen “Naa Yanga” (Planet Nice)
The Invisible Man “Grip” (Stoopidness)
Analogue Wax “Morphology” (Bellboy)
Julius Paap “New York” (Yellow)
DJ D & Nyn “The Lights and the Music?” (Other)
Global Communication “The Way” Secret Ingredients Mix (Dedicated)
The Amalgamation of Soundz “Eric” (Filter)
Carl Cox “Sensual Sophis-ti-cat” (Worldwide Ultimatum)
Cosmo Giant “Eden” (Phuture Wax X)

Side Two


Idjuts & Laj “Leap of Faith” (Fiasco)
Chicane “Offshore” (Extravaganza)
Daft Punk “Around the World” (Virgin)
Rumpus “Atacama” (Skinny Malinky)
Furry Freaks “Soothe Me” (Open)
Motorbass “Neptune” (Different)
Tim Duysen “Interludium” (Din)
Gene Hunt “Jazzy” (Svek)
Basement Jaxx “Sleazy Cheeks” (Atlantic Jaxx)


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    I love you Shalako! <3 Major #ViciousCycle

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