Dante - UntitledAt some point in late 1993 or early 1994 I returned home to Santa Cruz for a visit. During this trip I went to a rave in San Francisco that Dante was playing at; I’m pretty sure it was an event thrown by Wicked. The venue was an indoor/outdoor space under a freeway overpass in central San Francisco. If I had to guess, I’d guess it was somewhere around Division/13th Street or in SOMA between Harrison and Bryant. There was at least one sound system in what I recall was a two-story night club but the main stage was outside in the parking lot. With the subterfuge required to throw parties on the East Coast I was amazed that the city allowed this kind of event in such a central location.

None of the sets from this party stand out in my memory, but I do remember bringing baby powder to the dance floor and it being a foreign concept for the crowd around me. This was a common thing on East Coast dance floors at the time; baby powder made the floor slippery and enabled more expressive dance styles (those that involved moving your feet).

While at the party I had a chance to say hello to Dante and he gave me this tape. My friends and I listened to it that morning driving back to Santa Cruz along Pacific Coast Highway 1. It was bright, clear, and sunny and we couldn’t have had a better soundtrack; it was a blissful experience I hope I never forget.

The mix has no title but later my Boston friends and I all referred to it in a certain way, though I can’t remember what we called it; “Dante Ambient”, possibly. It’s more of a chill mix, actually; downtempo tribal beats interspersed with purely ambient sections. The mix provides a wonderful journey of moods ranging from peaceful meditation to bursting ecstasy.


Trainspotters, if you recognize something please leave the timestamp, artist, and title (with remix title, as applicable) as a comment. I’ve always wanted to know what the last song is (begins 1:21:04, vocal “It’s a brand new day…”). (Thanks, Patrick)

1:24:04 Praise “Brand New Day”