Garth - Live @ VisionIn late 1992 or early 1993 an offer appeared on a rave mailing list I was subscribed to (probably NEraves) for a five tape collection of recordings from a party in San Francisco called Vision. I don’t know exactly where or when this event was held, but based on the music I think it was sometime in 1992. The DJs on the tapes are Spun, Tony, Josh, Jeno, and Garth.

Lots of early west coast magic here but the tape that always stood out for me was Garth’s. This eclectic mix of acid house, progressive house, trance, deep house, and disco funk made a real impression on me. I very much appreciate that many styles are represented here and that, even for the time, he’s playing a mix of both new and vintage. I assume that this was the closing set, for on the second side of the tape (beginning 48:05) he brings the party into a really nice landing with some super tasty house and disco classics.


00:00 Underground Hop “Make It Without You”
04:30 Colm III “Take Me High” (Mansion Mix)
08:08 Brothers Love Dubs “Right Up There Forever”
12:04 DTR “How Many Times? (Unity)” (Time Wharp)
15:52 unknown
17:54 Twin Hype “Do It To The Crowd” (Instrumental)
21:28 unknown
24:28 Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson “The Best Things In Life Are Free” (C.J.’s Vinyl Zone Dub)
29:39 Ray Love “Holding Out In Lagos” (D.J Techno Remix)
32:10 Man Machine featuring Zen “Robot-To Okoku” (The Robot Kingdom)
36:05 Code 6 “C.O.D.E.S.”
39:06 Man Machine featuring Zen “Denkimi-Shakuhachi” (Electro-Shakuhachi)
43:08 Eden Transmission “I’m So High”
48:05 Peacetime “The Truth Will Set You Free” (Free Time Work Mix)
50:44 FM Inc. “Dub Me Anytime”
54:30 Lemon Interupt “Eclipse”
59:53 Code 718 “Equinox” (Total Eclipse Of The Dub)
1:02:49 How II House “Unlock The House” (Acid Mix)
1:05:49 Fierce Ruling Diva “You Gotta Believe” (Garage Version)
1:09:20 T. Rodzo “Make It Right”
1:12:44 Kevin Irving “Children Of The Night”
1:17:11 Colonel Abrams “Music Is The Answer”
1:20:35 Wood Allen “Sound and Freq. Scratching”
1:20:55 Stone “Time” (Instrumental)
1:25:05 Unfinished Business “Out Of My Hands” (Club Mix)
1:32:13 Stone “Girl I Like The Way That You Move” (Dub Mix)

Thanks for your help with the tracklist: Dope Jams, Overload, Tee Kay, Coop.