Jeno - Live @ WonderlandWonderland was one of the Boston area’s first large raves. KC & The Sunrise Gang held “Deep” in Portland, ME, the weekend before and there was a lot of excitement that a scene was developing and we were all part of something special. Wonderland was held in the Northeastern Trade Center in Lowell, MA on January 30th, 1993. On the night of this party there was a blizzard and when we came out in the morning the roads hadn’t been plowed and driving home was a real adventure.

The first side of this tape is certainly Jeno (of San Francisco’s legendary Wicked Crew) but I’m not sure who’s on the second side (beginning 44:50). It seems to me that the sides are not contiguous; that is, the second side could be a recording from another time in the night. The second dj does a bit of scratching and my first thought was this might be Overload, but upon hearing it Shawn confirmed this was not him. So, that leaves another mystery open to the trainspotters.


00:00 Sultans of Swing “Move It To The Left” (3rd Level Banji Mix)
03:08 Sax “Give Yourself To Me” (Rubber Dub)
06:30 Rio Rhythm Band “Carnival Da Casa” (which mix?)
10:27 unknown
12:20 Bad Boy Orchestra “Hip Hop Salsa” (Dub Mix)
15:15 2 Guys On Acid “House Music All Night Long” (Call It Acid Dub)
18:30 The Dynamic Duo “In The Pocket” (Hip House Mix)
21:12 TC 1992 “Funky Guitar” (which mix?)
24:37 Eagles Prey “Tonto’s Drum”
27:19 Leftfield “Release The Dub”
30:20 Original Rockers “Rockers to Rockers” (Come Again)
35:18 unknown
39:14 M-D-Emm “Get Angelic”
42:12 Drum And Bass “Claw Acieeed!”
Second side is another DJ, but who? I’m inclined to guess Onionz as well.
42:49 unknown
47:20 Coco Steel & Lovebomb “You Can’t Stop The Groove”
50:25 unknown
53:46 Mix Masters “In The Mix” (Fast Eddie’s Mix)
55:55 unknown
59:29 Bizarre Inc. “I’m Gonna Get You” (Todd’s Rubber Dub)
1:02:11 unknown
1:05:36 unknown
1:08:54 unknown (vocal samples: “I just can’t it I just lose control”, “I need a rhythm”)
1:12:12 MK Feat. Alana “Burning” (Underground Vibe Mix)
1:15:42 Leftfield “Not Forgotten” (Hard Hands Mix)
1:18:32 Tricky Disco “Tricky Disco”
1:22:46 Armando “We’re On The Move” (which mix?)
1:25:23 unknown

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