El Tintero 002: Markus MehtaThe second episode of El Tintero comes from our collaborator in this project, Markus Mehta, head of Munich-based Electronic Soul. His mix was recorded live during a gig at the Ampere Club in Munich in late October 2008.

Back Story
While on vacation in Spain in September 2008 Shannon Shalako lost a hand of cards for which he bet he would do a dj mix every month for a year. His friend Markus Mehta, of Electronic Soul, bet the same on the next hand and also lost. So they decided to do this podcast together. El Tintero, a famous seafood restaurant on the beach in Malaga, was the site of the event. If you are ever traveling near Malaga, El Tintero is a do-not-miss experience. Here’s a great video of the place.

You can expect a new mix roughly every other week. Strictly underground, deep electronic dance music; house, tech-house, techno, minimal, and more.



  1. Jamie Jones “911” (Crosstown Rebels)
  2. Nick Curly “Dubnoise” (Cecille)
  3. Lauhaus “Casamance” (Area Remote)
  4. Dan Drastic “Slice Of Life – Johnny D Remix” (Moon Harbour)
  5. Nima Gorji “Green Life” (Walt Sounds)
  6. Emerson & Dubnitzky “Gentle One – Nick Curly Remix” (Micro.fon)
  7. Lee Curtiss “Nook” (Dumb Unit)
  8. Gel Abril “Marir” (Be As One)
  9. Minimono “Ratman – Hugo’s Love Edit” (Tuning Spork)
  10. Daniel Dreier “Horny” (Sender)
  11. Steve Lawler “21st Century Ketchup – D’Julz Remix” (Sci+Tec)
  12. Miss Fitz “Colici – Sascha Dive’s Dark Beat Mix” (Raum Musik)