El Tintero 004: Markus MehtaThe fourth episode of El Tintero comes from our collaborator in this project, Markus Mehta, head of Munich-based Electronic Soul.

Markus, tell us about this mix…
Getting this months mix together wasn’t the easiest task. I had so many great records to choose from, all of which were released in the last couple of weeks. I have been touring constantly since the beginning of the year and therefore wanted to record El Tintero #4 live at one of the gigs, but in the end I decided to do it in the studio. I had a glass of wine and just locked myself in for a couple of hours. I hope you will dig the result; it is a quick overview of what I like currently. It starts quite deep and even a bit mystic, but then quickly moves into the more rocking side of things. A bit of everything I would say.



  1. The Martin Brothers “The Capacitron” (Dirtybird)
  2. Motor City Drum Ensemble “Frontin” (2020 Vision)
  3. UES “Up Up” (Resopal)
  4. Stereofuse “Cherry” (Herz Ist Trumpf)
  5. Nacho Marco “Estefania – Dj Yellow Alienation Remix” (Promo)
  6. Milton Jackson “Rhythm Track” (Freerange)
  7. Amelie Vs. Audiofly X “Generous For One” (Supernature)
  8. Christian Burkhardt “Tape It” (Oslo Special)
  9. 2020 Soundsystem “Sliding Away – Johnny D Remix” (2020 Vision)
  10. Lee Van Dowski “The Bobsleigh” (Memo)
  11. Okain “717 – D’Julz Remix” (Tsuba)
  12. Mastiksoul “Bofe De Elite” (4Kenzo)
  13. Robytek & Shield Feat. Foremost Poets “Pump It – Hugo Remix” (Rebirth)
  14. Secret Cinema “Rita & Lynn – Peter Horrevorts Remix” (EC)