Redlight Music PodcastFive years ago I had the good fortune of playing a blissful outdoor party in the majestic garden of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, housed in the landmark Andrew Carnegie Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It was was a balmy Summer evening and the lawn was alive with the vibe of house music. This year I was thrilled when they asked me back.

On the day the weather couldn’t have been better but toward show time the sky looked like rain. A good crowd showed up regardless and I was really happy to see so many old friends (wish we all could have hung out more!). Toward the middle of the evening it started to sprinkle and I thought we were done for. How awesome that the sound crew just threw garbage bags over the speakers and we kept on rocking. The crowd didn’t think much of it and shortly after we were all rewarded when the clouds broke, the rain stopped, and a marvelous sunset lit up the walls of the mansion in a warm golden glow.

Shannon Shalako - Live in NYC 20110604I only have the last thirty minutes of the party as the application I was using stopped recording not long after the beginning of the party and I didn’t notice until the end. Since then I’ve figured out a more reliable method and am looking forward to recording sets with the laptop with more ease.

Many thanks to my dear old friends Chuck and Sonny Kim, who both played impeccably (I was humbled) and to whom I’m grateful for the opportunity. Shouts out to the rest of my peoples: Mike, Eliza, Rena, Addy, Benny, Redboy, Elissa, Keith, Brant, and Sean! So awesome you could make it.

This gig was the debut of my latest turntable-less mobile setup: Macbook Pro running Traktor 2, a single Denon DN-SC2000 USB controller for control of two decks, a Native Instruments Audio 2 interface, and whatever external mixer is provided.




00:00Mic NewmanThe FidelityFreerange Records
03:50Ruca & JonskiGroove One AnotherNew Breed
07:55Rhythm & SoundFree For All (Soundstream Remix)Burial Mix
12:47SachaI Can't Pretend (Joe Dipadova & Shea Marshall Remix)Shines Records
17:54RelationYour Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)Urban Torque
24:17StatedlifeSunset Dayz (Other Side of the Beach Mix)Selekta Recordings
27:30EurythmicsLove is a Stranger (Coldcut)BMG
33:24UnderworldM.E.Junior Boy's Own