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Phoenix Landing 15th Anniversary Boat CruiseHere is the complete and continuous recording of the event, with sets by Peter Bailey, Chuck Caseroc, Shannon Shalako, and Randy Deshais.

This is a bonus post to Shannon Shalako – Live in Boston 2011, where you can find my individual set from the night, as well as a full review of the event and the story of how I came to be a resident DJ at the Phoenix Landing.

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00:00Peter Bailey
2:11:16Randy Deshais

Redlight Music PodcastThis is the story of how I came to be a resident DJ at The Phoenix Landing, an unassuming Irish pub across the river from Boston, USA, and of an epic night on the water had by nearly 300 music lovers this past Independence Eve.

In 1996 I was a college student and DJ of underground electronic dance music based in Boston, USA. Though I had at that point achieved some success as a DJ in my short career of 2-3 years, having performed around the country for crowds of thousands, I was feeling that the meaningful experiences the rave scene had provided were coming far less frequently than they had before, and that a more superficial, less music-oriented attitude had become common place amongst promoters and patrons of those events. I yearned for an opportunity to play for crowds who appreciated the music as much as I did. (more…)

Garth - Live @ VisionIn late 1992 or early 1993 an offer appeared on a rave mailing list I was subscribed to (probably NEraves) for a five tape collection of recordings from a party in San Francisco called Vision. I don’t know exactly where or when this event was held, but based on the music I think it was sometime in 1992. The DJs on the tapes are Spun, Tony, Josh, Jeno, and Garth. (more…)

Jeno - Live @ WonderlandWonderland was one of the Boston area’s first large raves. KC & The Sunrise Gang held “Deep” in Portland, ME, the weekend before and there was a lot of excitement that a scene was developing and we were all part of something special. Wonderland was held in the Northeastern Trade Center in Lowell, MA on January 30th, 1993. On the night of this party there was a blizzard and when we came out in the morning the roads hadn’t been plowed and driving home was a real adventure. (more…)

Tin Tin & Bob Bentley - Live @ BlueThough several promoters had been throwing smaller events in New England for about a year by this time, it was in the first months of 1993 that things really took off for the New England scene. Events got larger and more frequent. KC’s “Deep” (1993-01-23) and Never Neverland’s “Wonderland” (1993-01-30) were both outstanding but the scale of Blue (1993-02-13) was on another level. (more…)