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Redlight Music PodcastIn June of 2014, my friends Markus and Marie were married on a beach of the Costa del Sol near Marbella, Spain. This mix was played after the ceremony and before dinner, while we lounged under palm trees with champagne and canap├ęs and gazed out on the Mediterranean, gently lapping a few sandy steps away. Down the coast to the West, the dramatic Sierra Blanca mountains beckoned to the setting sun. Behind shining sunglasses, smiles abounded; friendly faces full of recognition for the magnificence of the moment. (more…)

Redlight Music PodcastFive years ago I had the good fortune of playing a blissful outdoor party in the majestic garden of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, housed in the landmark Andrew Carnegie Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It was was a balmy Summer evening and the lawn was alive with the vibe of house music. This year I was thrilled when they asked me back. (more…)

Redlight Music Podcast #01: Shalako - Back To WorkI started working on this mix back in March but abandoned it after many unsatisfactory attempts. Then during a recent practice session I opened the incomplete playlist and a 60 minute journey came together exactly as I’d envisioned. (more…)

El Tintero 004: Markus MehtaThe fourth episode of El Tintero comes from our collaborator in this project, Markus Mehta, head of Munich-based Electronic Soul.

Markus, tell us about this mix…
Getting this months mix together wasn’t the easiest task. I had so many great records to choose from, all of which were released in the last couple of weeks. (more…)

El Tintero 003: Shannon ShalakoI’m a little late with my mix for the third episode of El Tintero. I’ve been digesting a lot of music lately and had a tough time deciding which direction to go. Very happy with the result; I think it’s worth the wait (I know you’ve all been waiting). (more…)

El Tintero 002: Markus MehtaThe second episode of El Tintero comes from our collaborator in this project, Markus Mehta, head of Munich-based Electronic Soul. His mix was recorded live during a gig at the Ampere Club in Munich in late October 2008. (more…)

El Tintero 001: Shannon ShalakoWhile on vacation in Spain in September 2008 Shannon Shalako lost a hand of cards for which he bet he would do a dj mix every month for a year. His friend Markus Mehta, of Electronic Soul, bet the same on the next hand and also lost. So they decided to do this podcast together. El Tintero, a famous seafood restaurant on the beach in Malaga, was the site of the event. If you are ever traveling near Malaga, El Tintero is a do-not-miss experience. (more…)