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This is the story of how I got into dance music.

I’ve always been a fan of electronic music in general. When I was ten my favorite artists were Brian Eno, Thomas Dolby, Devo, Laurie Anderson, and Jean Michel Jarre (probably the most influential artist for me – check out Oxygene Pt. 2 – mindblowing), and I wore the cassettes out listening to them under the covers at night. As a high school senior in 1990-91 I was listening to a lot of alt rock, goth (Cure, Smiths, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy), and electronic pop (New Order, Seal, KLF, Primal Scream, Deee-Lite). (more…)

Osheen - Trance #7Osheen was rocking dancefloors when the rest were kicking the slats. When rave came to the north-east USA in the early 90’s, Osh was already an area veteran and quickly became known as New England’s chief house rocker. His style was jacking, chuggy, and swinging, with sophistication, muscle, and lots of surprises; a vibe that made you screw up your face and dance harder than you ever thought you could. (more…)

M Gee - YellowTwo DJs synonymous with the New England rave scene in the early- to mid-nineties were 333 and M Gee. British brothers, Paul and Mark Slater were regulars on the A-list East Coast club/rave circuit and held a residency upstairs at the original Loft on Stanhope Street in Boston. 333 played mostly trance in those days (but has since switched to house), while M Gee played mostly progressive house. Because of their foreign slang and infectious enthusiasm this duo were highly quotable. One of my favorites was Paul’s (333) response when I asked him at an afterhours in Montreal if he was going to play house: “House is for houses!” In other words, “F*ckin’ Goa – c’maown!” (more…)

Dante - UntitledAt some point in late 1993 or early 1994 I returned home to Santa Cruz for a visit. During this trip I went to a rave in San Francisco that Dante was playing at; I’m pretty sure it was an event thrown by Wicked. The venue was an indoor/outdoor space under a freeway overpass in central San Francisco. If I had to guess, I’d guess it was somewhere around Division/13th Street or in SOMA between Harrison and Bryant. There was at least one sound system in what I recall was a two-story night club but the main stage was outside in the parking lot. With the subterfuge required to throw parties on the East Coast I was amazed that the city allowed this kind of event in such a central location. (more…)

A real gem here from Onionz; circa 1992. Some of my favorite early techno and trance jams pitched way down and blended with that mysterious element which made young Onionz so magic. A common phrase uttered by DJs and trainspotters in the early 90’s whenever O was playing was “Where the f*#@ does he get his records?!” This is because he frequently dropped weird or overlooked records that either no one had heard before or didn’t have the balls to play. To this day, much of this tape remains a mystery to me. (more…)

Garth - Live @ VisionIn late 1992 or early 1993 an offer appeared on a rave mailing list I was subscribed to (probably NEraves) for a five tape collection of recordings from a party in San Francisco called Vision. I don’t know exactly where or when this event was held, but based on the music I think it was sometime in 1992. The DJs on the tapes are Spun, Tony, Josh, Jeno, and Garth. (more…)

Jeno - Live @ WonderlandWonderland was one of the Boston area’s first large raves. KC & The Sunrise Gang held “Deep” in Portland, ME, the weekend before and there was a lot of excitement that a scene was developing and we were all part of something special. Wonderland was held in the Northeastern Trade Center in Lowell, MA on January 30th, 1993. On the night of this party there was a blizzard and when we came out in the morning the roads hadn’t been plowed and driving home was a real adventure. (more…)

Tin Tin & Bob Bentley - Live @ BlueThough several promoters had been throwing smaller events in New England for about a year by this time, it was in the first months of 1993 that things really took off for the New England scene. Events got larger and more frequent. KC’s “Deep” (1993-01-23) and Never Neverland’s “Wonderland” (1993-01-30) were both outstanding but the scale of Blue (1993-02-13) was on another level. (more…)